The Three Types Of People Who Make Networking Worth My Time

There are three main missions I have when I go to a business networking event: 1. Gain knowledge from people who know more than I do – such as speakers or panelists. 2. Make new connections I can leverage in the future. 3. Meet the RIGHT people. For me, it’s easy to spend two hours […]

A Minute-By-Minute Breakdown Of How I Navigate Networking Conversations

Sometimes I find myself in a conversation that just seems to go on and on … and on … and on. Then 45 minutes later, I realize I’ve been zoning out the whole time and the event I’m attending is nearly over. This results in an evening spent accomplishing, well, nothing. But when I take the time to connect with […]


22 Conversation Starters for Business Networking

Are you from Australia? Because you meet all my koalifications. Conversation starters like the one above give me joy daily. I follow Tinder Nightmares, an Instagram account surfacing real stories from real users. But deep behind the comedy of these sometimes desperate attempts to trigger a relationship is a real issue … Starting conversations is […]

How I Identify The Right People For My Professional Network

We’re living in an interesting paradox – despite the advancement of technology and tools built to help save us time … our time is actually becoming more scarce. We have more responsibilities to uphold, decisions to make, and goals to meet. And for those of us who value networking, we must find some way to […]

Bring a friend when networking

When attending a networking event on your own you can subconsciously go into your shell or try and find one or two people to speak to and stay with them for the evening. This defeats the purpose of a networking event as you want to try and speak to as many people and make as […]

Networking strategy

By using this networking strategy you will be able to make very efficient use of your time while you are at a networking event. It will also make it easier for you to attend the event as you will know in the back of your mind that you need only stay for 30 minutes if […]

Three Ways Social Networking Leads To Better Business

By Scott Hebner, Social Solutions Vice President, IBM   Are you networking? Have you tweeted something or updated your LinkedIn status this week? Liked or shared something on Facebook or Instagram this week? More importantly, are you using social networking to learn, gain knowledge, engage with experts on what interests you? Are you sharing your […]

How to use word of mouth to enhance your reputation

By Alan Bell When people think of referral marketing, networking is usually the first thing that pops into their minds. Going to events, working the room, telling everyone about how wonderful their product or service is and coming away with lots of business cards are considered the measures of success. However, this is misinformed and […]

Proper Networking Etiquette

This past week I went to a networking event geared towards entrepreneurs of all kinds in my local Baltimore area and was blown away by all the great people I met. From the tech field to charities and the food and beverage industry, there were great people doing great things in my community. When I […]

Showing Up Is Not Enough:

Five Ways to Get Better Results From Networking Why do people avoid one of the most effective job search strategies? For a lot of people networking is an unpleasant necessity of the job search. Much like the idea of public speaking sparks dread, networking causes otherwise confident job seekers to doubt their worth. They know […]

7 Tips for Better Business Networking

Networking is one of the most effective ways to build your business. The simple truth is people feel more comfortable doing business with people they know. Building relationships with the people who can benefit from your products and services raises the likelihood of them one day becoming your customer. sevenBut there are some definite dos […]

The 4 Key Steps To Better Business Networking

I don’t believe in miracle solutions for career or business development, but if I believed in one, it would certainly be business networking. I think your professional skills aren’t worth very much unless people know about them and they know about you. This is where business networking comes in. As a communication coach, I’ve seen […]

There’s Always Room for a Cup of Coffee …

When your life seems almost too hard to handle, remember the story about the jar and a couple of beers. A philosophy professor stood before his class and started to fill a very large and empty mayonnaise jar with rocks. He then asked the students if the jar was full? They agreed that it was. […]

Now that it’s all over, what next?

Ok so the SouthsideB2B Visitors night is over and what a great night it was too. A very big thank you to all our visitors and hhat a great bunch of enthusiastic business people too. Yes they came from far and wide to tell others about their respective businesses. It was another great network meeting, […]

SouthsideB2B Visitors Night 17-4-2013

It’s arrived! Today is the day of the second best Business Network Meeting of the year. SouthsideB2B Visitors Night 17 April at 19:30 National Yacht Club Dun Laoghaire in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland Southside Business Network is holding another one of it’s now famous Visitor Nights. This is always a very successful event in terms […]

SouthsideB2B Members Always Give 110%

I wish to record my appreciation and thanks to Mr Garry Ryan of GR Electrical’ On Saturday evening 26th January, myself and my husband had settled down to watch TV when suddenly and without warning, it and various other appliances went blank As you can imagine we faffed around the place trying to push various […]

The Benefits of networking

Benefits of networking Networking always creates opportunities. Like it did for me last night Sharing knowledge: Some people know about grants available etc that others wouldn’t be aware of for example. Something like funding entitlements can make all the difference to a business starting out. Connections: Even if I don’t necessarily have a need for […]