Members Stories

Showing Up Is Not Enough:

There’s Always Room for a Cup of Coffee …

Now that it’s all over, what next?

SouthsideB2B Visitors Night 17-4-2013

Spring Idea Home Show 2 for the price of 1 Tickets

Measuring your Performance by Larry Power

SouthsideB2B wants you!

Warm atmosphere at Southside B2B

“The Richest people in the world…

SouthsideB2B Members Always Give 110%

The Benefits of networking

Taking notes on how to Boost your Business @ SouthsideB2B

The Gathering 2013

Samsung Flexible display prototype Hands-On

Do whatever you want to do and forget the money… it will come!

Business Model Canvas Explained

What are You Grateful for this Year?

Angela Connolly’s Members presentation

5 reasons people come to an event

Gestures that make you look good + add impact to your body language !

ABC’s of Networking (continued)

ABC’s of Networking

Making Positive Connections at SouthsideB2B

Photographer & Model do a presentation with a difference

Miglio jewellery launches new collection!