Showing Up Is Not Enough:

Five Ways to Get Better Results From Networking Why do people avoid one of the most effective job search strategies? For a lot of people networking is an unpleasant necessity of the job search. Much like the idea of public speaking sparks dread, networking causes otherwise confident job seekers to doubt their worth. They know […]

There’s Always Room for a Cup of Coffee …

When your life seems almost too hard to handle, remember the story about the jar and a couple of beers. A philosophy professor stood before his class and started to fill a very large and empty mayonnaise jar with rocks. He then asked the students if the jar was full? They agreed that it was. […]

Now that it’s all over, what next?

Ok so the SouthsideB2B Visitors night is over and what a great night it was too. A very big thank you to all our visitors and hhat a great bunch of enthusiastic business people too. Yes they came from far and wide to tell others about their respective businesses. It was another great network meeting, […]

SouthsideB2B Visitors Night 17-4-2013

It’s arrived! Today is the day of the second best Business Network Meeting of the year. SouthsideB2B Visitors Night 17 April at 19:30 National Yacht Club Dun Laoghaire in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland Southside Business Network is holding another one of it’s now famous Visitor Nights. This is always a very successful event in terms […]

Spring Idea Home Show 2 for the price of 1 Tickets

Conbu Interior Design is invited to design a luxurious bedroom as part of the Colortrend Interior Design Forum during the Spring Ideal Homes Show. Visit Conbu Interior Design at stand M11 during the Ideal Homes Show at the Simmonscourt, RDS from 19th to 21st April 2013. Register here ( for your free or 2 for […]

Measuring your Performance by Larry Power

On Wednesdays night last our resident accountant in the group give a very short educational slot entitled: Financial Advice on “Growing your Business “ A.     Measure Performance   –          Set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your business –          Measure on a monthly basis Profitability – Unit Sales by Product Group/Services Sales value by Product Group/Services […]

Warm atmosphere at Southside B2B

Yes it was a cold night last night in Dunlaoghaire. But not in the National Yacht Club where Southside B2B were holding their fortnightly meeting. Our esteemed chairman Colin Byford kept members and guests amused as he crowned each presenter with an amusing title. No Lottory winner: No winner was found for our lotto this […]

SouthsideB2B Members Always Give 110%

I wish to record my appreciation and thanks to Mr Garry Ryan of GR Electrical’ On Saturday evening 26th January, myself and my husband had settled down to watch TV when suddenly and without warning, it and various other appliances went blank As you can imagine we faffed around the place trying to push various […]

The Benefits of networking

Benefits of networking Networking always creates opportunities. Like it did for me last night Sharing knowledge: Some people know about grants available etc that others wouldn’t be aware of for example. Something like funding entitlements can make all the difference to a business starting out. Connections: Even if I don’t necessarily have a need for […]

Taking notes on how to Boost your Business @ SouthsideB2B

The visitors and members alike were certainly absorbed in the what Jason McChesney had to tell them about how they can set their goals and achieve them during 2013. The attendees were scribbling frantically to take as many notes as possible to gain as much as possible from a man who has been there and […]

The Gathering 2013

Yes its 2013, the year of The Gathering and Southside B2B Business Network is having a gathering of it’s own. We’d love to hear from all our old past members where ever they are around the world. We’d love to hear from you. If you are a past member of Southside B2B Business Group please […]

What are You Grateful for this Year?

It’s hard to believe Christmas is upon us already, where has the year gone! In USA they have just celebrated “Thanksgiving” on last Thursday of November as a time of Gratitude and to “give thanks”. What are you grateful for? What are you thankful for? Even though times are tougher with having to work harder […]

Angela Connolly’s Members presentation

Southside Business Network is a business and professional networking group that offers members and visitors the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, support with a view to helping each other build their respective businesses. Last Wednesday evening Angela Connolly of Conbu Interior Design give the group a very knowlwdgeable and well prepared ten minute presentation about […]

5 reasons people come to an event

What drives event participation? For an answer to this question, I turned to my friends at Event360.  They have a great five-point model to describe event participation. (Get a free download here.)  A good event speaks to as many of these factors as possible. Here are the highlights: 1. Affinity to third-party group. Often participation […]

ABC’s of Networking (continued)

J – is for job security, which you will always have if you develop a good network. K – is for keeping in touch. If your network is going to work, you have to stay plugged in and keep the wires humming. L – is for lessons. The best networking opportunity I’ve had over the […]

ABC’s of Networking

If I had to name a single characteristic shared by all the truely Successful people I’ve met over my time networking, I’d say it is the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts. I could lose all my money and all my business, but leave me my contacts and I’ll be back in […]

Making Positive Connections at SouthsideB2B

Southside B2B Business Network hold their visitors open night twice yearly and has proved to be a GREAT foundation for building relationships and business networking in general. Last nights visitors night was no exception. The business network group is now in it’s eleventh year and last nights event, as usual, held in their home venue […]

Photographer & Model do a presentation with a difference

Members and viitors to last Wednesday’s Southside B2B business network meeting were treated to a presentation with a difference in the National Yacht Club Dunlaoghaire. Colin Byford of Byfocal Photography gave us a  “fly on the wall” view of what it’s like in his studio when he brought this mobile studio along to the yacht […]

Miglio jewellery launches new collection!

Just to let you know that Noelle De Barra will be launching the new Miglio jewellery collection at her home next Saturday 8th September from 2pm – 5pm. All welcome to come along and view this lovely new collection, which will include fabulous belts and handbags. Enjoy a browse, a coffee and pick up a […]