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The Three Types Of People Who Make Networking Worth My Time

There are three main missions I have when I go to a business networking event: 1. Gain knowledge from people who know more than I do – such as speakers or panelists. 2. Make new connections I can leverage in the future. 3. Meet the RIGHT people. For me, it’s easy to spend two hours […]

A Minute-By-Minute Breakdown Of How I Navigate Networking Conversations

Sometimes I find myself in a conversation that just seems to go on and on … and on … and on. Then 45 minutes later, I realize I’ve been zoning out the whole time and the event I’m attending is nearly over. This results in an evening spent accomplishing, well, nothing. But when I take the time to connect with […]


22 Conversation Starters for Business Networking

Are you from Australia? Because you meet all my koalifications. Conversation starters like the one above give me joy daily. I follow Tinder Nightmares, an Instagram account surfacing real stories from real users. But deep behind the comedy of these sometimes desperate attempts to trigger a relationship is a real issue … Starting conversations is […]

How I Identify The Right People For My Professional Network

We’re living in an interesting paradox – despite the advancement of technology and tools built to help save us time … our time is actually becoming more scarce. We have more responsibilities to uphold, decisions to make, and goals to meet. And for those of us who value networking, we must find some way to […]