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Hate Making Small Talk? One Approach ANYONE Can Use

I was at a conference with a client. Everyone knew him. He was the guy. I was just some guy with him. No problem… until he got pulled away. Then I was just some guy who didn’t know a soul. And I’m really, really bad at being that guy. Stick me on a stage in […]

3 Things to Do If You Want to Become a CEO by Age 30

When, at age 24, I told my boss (somewhat tongue in cheek) that I wanted to become a CEO, he nearly fell off his chair. It was 1974; I was a software developer working for IBM. At that time, lowly engineers were not expected to aspire to roles reserved for successful salespeople. Related: 5 Golden […]


5 ideas to help you transform your business

Idea 1. Gain Clarity – 80% of success comes down to clarity, clarity is being crystal clear on where you are going in business, creating a clear invincible vision. Idea 2. Environment – Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” . Ask yourself this question: […]

The Three Types Of People Who Make Networking Worth My Time

There are three main missions I have when I go to a business networking event: 1. Gain knowledge from people who know more than I do – such as speakers or panelists. 2. Make new connections I can leverage in the future. 3. Meet the RIGHT people. For me, it’s easy to spend two hours […]