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Bring a friend when networking

When attending a networking event on your own you can subconsciously go into your shell or try and find one or two people to speak to and stay with them for the evening. This defeats the purpose of a networking event as you want to try and speak to as many people and make as […]

4 Powerful Presentation Lessons from Apple

With the upcoming Apple announcement only a day away, the business world is buzzing in anticipation. What will Tim Cook unveil next—and how will it impact our lives? Whether tomorrow’s announcements harken a new iPhone or a wearable device, we can be certain of one thing: the presentations will be of the highest caliber. Over […]

Networking strategy

By using this networking strategy you will be able to make very efficient use of your time while you are at a networking event. It will also make it easier for you to attend the event as you will know in the back of your mind that you need only stay for 30 minutes if […]


Warren Buffett’s Completely Simple Advice for Business Success

Make no mistake about it, Warren Buffett is rich–$63.5 billion rich. In fact, only 67 of the 200 countries listed by the United Nations have a GDP that is fuller than his wallet. With that said, he is also one of the hardest-working people in business, and he has an incredibly sharp mind, with even […]